Land Crusing Will get a Fashionable-Day Improve From German Automotive Designer


What you see within the cowl photograph isn’t the subsequent Mars rover, however slightly a large improve on an already present sport, ‘land yachting’ or ‘land crusing’. For those who don’t know what this sport entails, I will be fast. It’s a terrestrial racing sport that makes use of wind as the only technique of propulsion. Ideally on flat salt surfaces, as any disturbances underneath the wheels may cause main shifts in weight ratios and distribution.

Think about a three-wheel automobile with no motor, perhaps some brakes, and an enormous sail, like that discovered on sloops or yachts – therefore the title land yacht. Oh, and the sail does embrace some form of steering mechanism. That stated, we all know you’ve pieced collectively how the entire thing works. You sit again and let the wind take you for a experience. Easy sufficient, proper? For those who nonetheless don’t get how this port works, Google is there to offer you slightly extra in-depth data. And now let’s check out this dream machine from automotive designer Robinson Mancaux.

It’s referred to as the Venturi Y idea. It might be good if it had been made by Monaco-based Venturi Vehicles, however frankly, it’s not their sport. Now, in the event you’ve by no means seen a land yacht earlier than, this one is a little bit of a stretch, however the rules are the identical.

As a result of solely the power of the wind is used to push any automobile of this sort alongside, they should be ultra-light. And what materials do we all know of today that’s each robust sufficient to construct a body with and lightweight sufficient to be carried by wind? Carbon fiber! That is proper, and plenty of it.

Principally, all the things on this automobile consists of carbon fiber, besides perhaps for the pulleys utilized in steering the sail and the tires. Aside from that, that is the one materials we are able to see getting used. Oh, and a assist that holds the seat upright.

One thing this idea does embrace that conventional land yachts don’t is steerable wheels. Normally, solely the sail is required to show the automobile. However belief me, whenever you’re going greater than 80 mph (128 kph) on nothing however wind, it helps to have any form of steering mechanism.

Due to the accidents that do encompass the game, the designer selected to put in two electrical motors within the rear wheels. Nevertheless, these motors aren’t there to truly propel the automobile, however slightly to assist make slight changes to trajectory. Why? Let me put it like this.

There are actual land crusing yachts which can be particularly tuned for breaking velocity data. One of many quickest reached speeds of 126 mph (202 kph) on nothing however wind, a large sail, no brakes, no fancy steering mechanism or motors. At these speeds, it’s an enormous plus to have something that helps in maneuvering. If not, maintain on tight and threw in a few ‘Hail Marys’ for good measure.

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