Might a tyre warfare make Formulation 1 extra fascinating?


It has been some extent of dialogue for a while now: Pirelli as a tire provider in Formulation 1. Is not it time for a change on this space? We focus on the professionals and cons of a doable tire warfare, ought to different suppliers (re)enter.

Pirelli’s compounds have been inflicting issues for a while now. Till now, these issues have primarily been circumvented by making changes elsewhere or introducing a brand new compound. In 2021, the automobiles will even should drive with much less downforce to spare the tyres.

A number of tyre suppliers trigger unpredictability

Is not it a greater concept to let different producers make their (re)entry? Through the late nineties and the early years after 2000 we noticed with Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin how such a tyre warfare may end up. As a result of every producer has completely different concepts, the opposite can also be pressured to be on prime of them. It additionally creates unpredictable methods, as competing groups can drive with a totally completely different sort of tyre.

Introducing such a component of unpredictability would eradicate the necessity for sure rule modifications which are usually executed to make the entire thing a bit extra thrilling. Additionally, the entire vary of soppy compounds could possibly be placed on the shovel. This has now gotten to date out of hand that solely the laborious, medium and smooth compounds are distinguished, whereas in actuality, for instance, the supersoft, ultrasoft and hypersoft.

Infamous Michelin boycott in 2005

In fact, there are additionally disadvantages to a tyre warfare. All of us bear in mind the 2005 United States Grand Prix, wherein solely six automobiles competed. As a result of issues with the Michelin tyres, which couldn’t be solved with out creating a drawback for competitor Bridgestone, the groups with Michelin tyres determined to not take part. In fact, such a scenario can’t be repeated.

As well as, groups would run the danger of selecting the ‘flawed’ tyre producer. If one is extra profitable than the opposite, it may grow to be a decisive think about victories, and even the championship.

In any case, it is time to change the tyre scenario in Formulation 1, and the issues it causes. However given the upcoming drastic rule modifications in 2022, a tyre warfare will not be obligatory in any respect.

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