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The Flash has a repute; The Quickest Man Alive is greater than a promotional stunt. The Flash earned the nickname the primary time the Golden Age Flash put a WWI helmet on his head.

All sprinters who comply with in The Flash’s footsteps race to reside as much as that custom. However in the middle of adventures and adversaries, there are all the time instances when a sprinter comes second.

10 Vandal Savage beats Wally West in a race

It was in The Flash # 49 by William Messner-Loebs, Greg LaRocque and José Marzán Jr. that Wally West suffered a terminal defeat by the hands of Vandal Savage. Savage captured all of Wally’s family and friends and took them to the desert. There, he lined a launch pad with panels that may steal West’s velocity if he crossed over them.

Savage stepped to the end line and West’s household and pals lined as much as the edges. West jumped off the beginning line and ran throughout the sand. By the point he reached Savage, West hadn’t regained sufficient velocity and was helpless towards Savage’s immortal reflexes. Savage shot West within the chest and left him to die on the desert ground.

9 Eobard Thawne kills Nora Allen

Eobard Thawne was a professor on the Flash Museum within the 12 months 2151. Thawne beloved The Flash till he found that his future was to change into his lifelong nemesis. That information reworked idolatry right into a fanatic who would commit unspeakable acts.

Thawne traveled again in time and killed Barry Allen’s mom, Nora. Her husband Henry Allen was blamed. The DC multiverse consists of many variations of this story. One in all them is that The Flash of 2024 rescued younger Barry however was unable to avoid wasting Nora. Thawne claims that Nora’s homicide was a technique to propel Allen to change into one of the best sprinter.

8 Professor Zoom kills Iris West

In the course of the Silver Age of comics, Eobard Thawne was a sociopath from the long run who grew to become Professor Zoom due to violence. His felony thoughts warped his childhood hero affection for the Scarlet Sprinter. Zoom hated the values ​​of regulation and order that The Flash supported and confronted the hero by touring again in time.

An surprising consequence was that Thawne fell in love with Iris West, the long run spouse of Barry Allen. When Thawne revealed his true emotions and identification to Iris, he supplied her an opportunity to return her love or die. Her rejection pushed him to the restrict and Zoom killed her with a vibrating hand blow to her mind. Barry had been drugged with Angel Mud and was not even coherent sufficient to know that Iris Allen was at risk or had died.

7 Wally West’s high velocity is proscribed after Disaster on Infinite Earths

Earlier than Disaster on Infinite Earths, Wally West had been Barry Allen’s Child Flash. However a facet impact of West’s velocity had began to break his physique. The one option to cease her from killing him was to cease working.

However every part modified when Barry Allen sacrificed himself to avoid wasting the multiverse by foiling the Anti-Monitor’s doomsday weapon. When Disaster on Infinite Earths ended, Child Flash’s velocity was now not killing him. However West was now not as quick as earlier than. In actual fact, this was the start of an extended journey for West to regain his velocity and reside as much as his hero’s legacy to change into The Quickest Man Alive.

6 Eobard Thawne punches Batman

Batman found two items of proof that point had been altered. The primary was a button and the second a letter from his father Thomas Wayne. It’s all detailed within the four-issue crossover The Button, by Joshua Williamson, Tom King, Jason Fabok and Howard Porter. Throughout Flashpoint, the eldest Wayne grew to become the Darkish Knight after his son Bruce was killed by a gunman in an alley.

Batman is out of luck on his personal uncovering the forensic thriller associated to the proof. Bruce Wayne calls Barry Allen, who guarantees to be within the Batcave in a minute. When Batman ends the decision, he discovers that Eobard Thawne is in entrance of him. Overcome, the Darkish Knight is struck senselessly.

5 Reverse-Flash is the quickest man alive in Flashpoint

Flashpoint is the occasion the place Barry Allen consciously modified DC’s timeline to avoid wasting his mom Nora. The consequence was a damaged world of nightmares and horror. And that was earlier than Allen realized that the Reverse Flash was there with him.

Eobard Thawne is aware of what Allen doesn’t know, that The Flash is the rationale the world is so broken. All through the restricted sequence, Thawne leaves clues that he is aware of what actually occurred and that since Allen has no velocity, he can kill him each time he desires.

4 Barry Allen beats Wally West who beats Eobard Thawne

Wally West spent a lot of his life coming in second to Barry Allen. After Barry’s dying, West continued to reside in his shadow. This challenged his self-confidence. Over time, West realized that the one factor stopping him from changing into a sprinter was believing that he actually was as quick – if not quicker – than Barry Allen.

When Eobard Thawn first traveled via time to fulfill his hero Barry Allen, Thawne landed in a time after Barry Allen’s dying. The shock of this realization warped Thawne’s thoughts and he satisfied himself that he was the Barry Allen who had returned. When the reality was lastly revealed, it shook West to his core and Thawne left him trapped and damaged. By dealing with his demons – and the reminiscence of his mentor – West unlocked the hidden velocity he wanted to defeat Thawne and be quicker than Barry Allen.

3 Godspeed is created by the Pace ​​Drive

August Coronary heart was a cop who labored with Barry Allen in Central Metropolis. The dying of her brother leads Coronary heart to face a bunch of criminals known as The Black Gap Gang. When her brother was killed, Coronary heart discovered a logo that had been marked close to the physique that matched the image worn by the band.

The member of the Black Gap Gang fired a bullet at Corazon. Flash rushed to intercede, however earlier than he may, a bolt of Pace ​​Drive vitality shot via Corazon, granting him superspeed. Lastly, it turns into Godspeed.

2 Godspeed kills Dr. Meena Dhawan

Barry Allen all the time sought a deeper connection to the world round him and the individuals he protected. When he met Dr. Meena Dhawan, he thought he had lastly discovered one thing actual. Like Allen, Dhawan was a scientist and a sprinter.

Different residents of Central Metropolis, reminiscent of Coronary heart, had been struck by lightning from the Pace ​​Drive storms that erupted all through Central Metropolis. Dhawan created a coaching middle the place he may research new sprinters and assist them management their new powers. Sadly, when Dhawan confronts Coronary heart about what she is aware of concerning Godspeed, Coronary heart kills her. Like when Godspeed is created

1 Barry Allen can’t beat the Anti-Monitor machine

Disaster on Infinite Earths destroyed extra worlds within the DC multiverse than most individuals knew existed. The Antimonitor’s victory over the multiverse and its nemesis, the Monitor, appeared inevitable. That was till Barry Allen arrived on the scene.

Escaping seize and torture by the hands of the Psycho Pirate, Allen discovers the Antimatter canon of the Antimonitor on the planet Qward. Solely within the antimatter universe, the scarlet speedster runs quick sufficient to drive the vitality core of the antimatter cannon to absorb extra vitality than it could possibly course of. Allen is quick sufficient to destroy the Antimonitor’s canon and nice weapon, however his velocity is unable to beat The Flash’s dying.

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